Geothermal Design and Installation

Geothermal Installation – Ground Loops

Design Heat Loss: 89,600 Btu/Hr (26.2 kW)
Heat Pump Capacity: 45,100 x 2 = 90,200 Btu/Hr (26.4 kW)
Geothermal System Type: Horizontal Ground Loops
Annual Operating Cost: $1,100
Location: Redrock, BC

For this project a geothermal system capable of heating both the home and attached garage was designed and installed. The location where the house was built does not have access to natural gas, so electric heat was the client’s primary option.

Compared to electric heating, the geothermal system saves them $4,400 per year and has a payback of 8 years.

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Annual Cost $

Savings per Year

Investment Years