Industrial – Pump Diagnosis

Pump Diagnosis – Low Consistency Brownstock Pulp

Purpose of the Equipment

  • Transports low consistency brownstock pulp from a mix chest to a wash press.


  • Significant vibration and a long history of reliability issues
  • Inefficient operation
    • Peak flow rate: 67% of Best Efficiency Point (BEP)
    • Average flow rate: 38% of BEP
  • Periodic cavitation

Services Provided:

  • Review of the system components
  • Analysis of the pumping system
  • Record Drawing – Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  • Pump Analysis Report containing the following information:
    • Analysis basis and analysis results
    • when cavitation is expected to occur
    • Options to reduce the frequency of cavitation within the pump
    • Options for reducing and dampening vibration
    • Recommendations for equipment upgrades to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs
  • Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study
    • Review historical operating conditions
    • Prepare a system curve
    • Review options for a replacement pump
    • Calculate energy demand and consumption of the existing and proposed replacement pumps
    • Estimate annual energy savings
    • Capital cost estimate
    • Summary Report
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