Industrial – Pump Replacement

Pump Replacement – Detailed Design

Purpose of the Equipment

  • Transports black liquor filtrate for dilution of stock at the bottom of a digester blow tank


  • Significant vibration and a long history of reliability issues
  • Inefficient operation
    • Peak flow rate: 48% of Best Efficiency Point (BEP)
    • Average flow rate: 37% of BEP
  • Periodic cavitation

Services Provided:

  • Review of the system components
  • Analysis of the pumping system
  • Record Drawing – Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  • Pump Analysis Report containing the following information:
    • Analysis basis and analysis results
    • Recommendations for equipment upgrades to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs
  • Project Capital Cost Estimate
  • Sizing and selection of a new pump
  • Sizing and selection of piping, valves, and expansion joint
  • Detailed Design Drawings for the pump base, and pump/piping installation
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