Industrial Engineering Design

Earth Fire Energy has an engineering team that specializes in pumps; process and utility piping; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; pressure vessels; tanks; and industrial process equipment. Earth Fire Energy’s team has experience in the design of industrial equipment and piping installations for pulp mills and resource based industries.

Mechanical Commercial Design

We have the engineering expertise to provide HVAC Design for Commercial and Residential Buildings, including design for ductwork and pipe sizing. In addition, we are capable of providing a design for the building’s plumbing system.  We are able to provide design and tendering services, construction inspections, and commissioning of mechanical systems for commercial and residential buildings in Prince George and the surrounding areas.

Geothermal Systems

There are three important factors that are critical to a successful geothermal heating and cooling system: the right geothermal heat pump, a properly designed geothermal ground exchanger, and an efficiently sized distribution system.  We started a Geothermal Design and Installation Company to help our clients make informed decisions on what type of geothermal heating and cooling system is best for their home and property.