System Diagnosis and Assessment

Our core services are diagnosing problematic and inefficient systems. We work in a niche market with our vast experience with investigating issues in the darkest and dirtiest corners of plants. Our engineers enjoy work, want to tackle new projects, and aren’t afraid of getting a little dirty

We have the expertise in Piping and HVAC systems for assessment of:

  • Vibration
  • Noise issues
  • Flow efficiencies
  • Pump efficiencies

Many of the systems that we investigate have very little historical and record data available. Our team is typically investigating the existing system to measure components and dimensions; confirm capacities and efficiencies; and recommend options for upgrades and/or replacements.  

Earth Fire Energy has the capacity to deliver Construction Drawings and Record Drawings for mechanical projects. We are able to provide design and tendering services, construction inspections, and commissioning of mechanical systems.


System Diagnosis Projects

Water Entry Station
Multiplex Building Project, Mechanical Engineering